This left feels right

To complement the previous forehand post, and to prove that I am actually playing tennis myself, I thought I'd post a few backhand samples for your viewing pleasure. Since I'm a lefty, I decided to post 2 videos - the original, and a flipped version which makes it easier for righties to interpret the shot.

While some folks don't even notice when they play a lefty, others see it immediately. And part of the latter group thinks that lefty strokes look quite different compared to righties. But there are 2 easy ways for you to find out:
  1. Watch a few rallies on TV through a mirror. You'll be surprised how Federer's strokes would look like if he was left-handed, and how "normal" Nadal's game would appear if he was right-handed.
  2. Check out the 2 videos below. Hopefully you'll notice immediately which one is which :)

While my forehand looks decent when I flip my recordings, I'm quite happy with my backhand in both the left- and the right-handed versions. Over the years, I've been surprised by quite a few compliments for it. But - it usually looks a lot better than it feels :)

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