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Let's get it started!

So here it is - after months of deliberating I decided to start this little side project. Eventually, I felt I had no other choice.

I've been playing tennis since I was 5, started teaching regularly at age 12, got my pro license at 15. I started working in a sports store around that time as well, where I advised customers on all things tennis, strung thousands of racquets, and tested out pretty much everything I could. I've also played competitively for as long as I can remember. Out of natural interest, I've read a bunch of tennis books, articles, and magazines, and followed tennis on TV whenever possible. By now, I've played in Germany, the Bay Area, Ireland, and New York. So tennis seems to be part of my DNA...

So what am I going to post about? There are already a lot of professional and amateur publishers out there, covering the pro tours, the players, giving advice etc, and they seem to be doing a good job! So the most value I can provide seems to be sharing my own experience and perspective, some tips and tricks, and whatever I can to inspire others to enjoy the sport even more. A good friend once told me, "if it's your blog, you can write about whatever you like, and whenever you want", so I will follow her advice and take advantage of that from time to time. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

And why Well, first of all, it's hard to find a unique brand name these days. It took some brainstorming, and after a while I ended up thinking of my favorite shot in tennis, the "forehand topspin volley". "" allows for some interpretation towards that shot, is shorter and more memorable, and gives me the freedom to produce and post some video content as well.

So without further ado, let the real content begin! If you have any comments. questions or requests, you can contact me via forehandtv at Gmail, or DM me on Twitter.