Tennis FAQs

[Experimental page to serve as alternate guide for Forehand.TV, as I'm hitting limits in terms of organizing my content on Blogger.]


What does the world of tennis racquets look like?

What racquets do professional tennis players use?

How do I find the right tennis racquet?

Do I need the latest tennis racquet?

Why do "the same" racquets feel and play different?

How do I measure my tennis racquets?

How can I customize my tennis racquet?

How do different components affect my racquet's weight, balance, and swing weight?

How do I get my tennis racquets matched, in terms of weight, balance, and swingweight?

How do I replace the grommets on my tennis racquet?

What are some racquets you like / you can generally recommend?

What racquets have you tested / demoed to date?


What does the tennis string market look like? How do strings compare?

What are some of the best tennis strings?


What electronic stringing machine should I buy?

What crank stringing machine should I buy?

Can I see a list of your string jobs?


How do I hit or improve my forehand?

How do I hit or improve my backhand?

How do I hit or improve my serve?

Can you show me some fun / trick shots?

Where should I hold / grip my racquet?


How do I prepare for a match? How do I recap?

What (tennis) gear do I bring to a match?

What mindset should I bring to a match or tournament?


How do I practice effectively?

How do I practice / prepare my game for the long run?

Warm-up and recovery

How do I warm up for tennis? How do I cool down?

How do I recover? How do I loosen up tight muscles?

Strategy / patterns

Where can I learn about serve & volley?

Fun / inspirations

Can I see some fun points?


How do I adjust to different surfaces?

Seeing well - how is playing with glasses? Shall I play with glasses or contact lenses?

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