Editor's Choices

My favorite, and arguably some of the best tennis gear of all time:

  • Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph - Proven weight / balance combo paired with up-to-date racquet head size and string pattern, resulting in a great all-around frame.
  • Wilson Pro Staff 95 S (2014) - Wand-like, moves fast, creates a lot of spin, just not as stable and powerful as the RF97 or 6.1 95. 
  • Völkl Super G 9 - Very natural weight / balance / head size combo for me. Would have bought this frame if it came in an open string pattern - others who prefer control over power and spin should give this one a go.


  • Overgrip: Wilson Pro Overgrip (white)
  • Replacement grip, thick(er): Wilson True grip
  • Replacement grip, thin(ner): Babolat Feel grip

Tennis Balls
  • Hard Court: Pro Penn ATP Extra Duty
  • Clay Court: Balls Unlimited Code Black
  • Practice ball: Head Championship

  • Clay and all court: Nike Vapor Zoom 9.5
  • Hard court: K-Swiss BigShot Light
  • Indoor carpet: Nike Vapor Advantage Indoor

  • Hard Court: Nike Basket Dri-Fit Elite Crew Sock
  • Other surfaces: Nike cotton socks, medium thick

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