Bag check, reloaded

If you have access to the Tennis Channel, you've probably seen countless episodes of "Bag Check". For those of you who can't view TC: "Bag Check" are short video clips in which pros reveal what's in their bag.

Usually, there are 5-10 items shown: racquets, shoes, clothes, and maybe a couple little surprises. Sometimes it appears as if the pros would just take that bag on court and are prepared to last through the next match. I'm sure the pros travel with more bags full of tennis stuff, plus the tournaments provide them with many necessities and amenities which non-pros don't enjoy.

So what should we have in our bag to play a serious match or two? I've compiled a checklist for you below that I'll keep updating over time. I know the list is a bit long, but it always helps me to skim over it before I go play - I usually find 1-2 things that forgot to pack!

Open this sheet in a new window for the full view. Oh, and don't forget the Banana Guards :)

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