Put it away now!

Playing a lot of balls back and forth in practice gives you confidence, feel, and muscle memory, all important when it counts in a big match. However, there are not a lot of players who practice winning shots together. And I think you should - you'll need them to finish off your well-earned points in matchplay!

If you consider practicing winners with your partner, just make sure to give them a heads-up, and return the favor if they are interested. Also play with at least 6 balls so that you're spending more time practicing than picking up balls :)

Here are a few examples of giving your partner a few good hits, and then practicing put-aways when the right moment comes:

Backhand volley put-away:

Forehand volley put-away:

Forehand volley drop shot put-away:

Kneeling overhead put-away - take advantage of mishits, too!

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