A closer look at a backhand

After the lefty-righty comparison of my backhand, I thought I'd point out a few positive things about my backhand, and some things that could be improved. So here's the video again:

Some positives to take a closer look at:
  • decent footwork between the shots - allows me to prepare early
  • early shoulder turn and racket preparation - I won't feel rushed responding to fast shots
  • lifting the racquet head while waiting for the forward swing - dropping it before the forward swing gives me nice racquet head acceleration
  • point of contact in front of the body - that's where I get my maximum power thanks to full extension, and good control since arm and wrist are straight behind the ball
  • full follow through - I don't waste the energy I generated
  • my other hand stays back - increases stability (for one-handed backhands, obviously). 
If I had a perfect backhand, I would probably step into the ball a bit more, bend my knees further, and keep my striking shoulder more aligned after the point of contact. But this is what I ended up with for now, and it feels quite good - which is a good thing to aim for!

Hope this was helpful - let me know any thoughts you have, including constructive criticism :)

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