More fun with your forehand

What better way to get inspired to hit a better forehand than studying the master himself? Check out Roger Federer's forehand:

Beyond the obvious, there are a lot of little things that you can apply to your own forehand. For example:
* Open stance and upper body rotation - saves steps and allows to build up momentum at the same time

* Other hand provides balancePoint of contact is in front of the body, wrist is straight behind the racquet on impact, and the racquet is rectangular to the ground - provides stability and control

* Arm swings all the way through and takes the upper body with it (note where the elbow and especially the shoulder end up) - leveraging all the built-up momentum.

Pretty nice! Anything else you notice?

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  1. Roger Federer's genius is how he is able to hit the same stroke regardless of what his feet are doing. He might be hitting a square stance forehand with his left foot in front of the right, or an inside out shot with his weight on his left foot instead of his right, and he still does pretty much the same thing above the waist.

    Look at the video above and Federer is in the air, just a few inches off the ground.