Putting strings in perspective

As a follow-up to the post about my top 3 strings in 2015, I thought it might be useful to add some data and put these strings in perspective. How do they compare relative to each other, as well as to extremes in their category?

Below is a first attempt, looking at the 3 main properties - stiffness, energy return, and spin potential:

(Click image to enlarge)

For each property, I made the highest value a 1, and the lowest a 0. That way we can see where in the current spectrum each string falls. In terms of judging and choosing a string, this approach seems more tangible than looking at absolute values.

  • The WeissCANNON Ultra Cable ranks highest in terms of spin potential, whereas the Silverstring finds itself at the other end of the spectrum
  • The Luxilon 4G is super stiff and returns the most energy, however ranks very low in terms of spin potential (supposedly because it lacks ball grip)
  • The Cyclone, my current string of choice, looks like the most rounded string within this group
Hope this first look was useful for you guys too. Will put future strings in perspective as well and keep working on methodology and visuals - feedback always welcome.

Data was available thanks to Tennis Warehouse's string performance database (reference tension set to 51 lbs), where you can also find definitions of these properties (e.g. here) - thanks guys!

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