Völkl Cyclone color comparsion

Opinions seem differ on this, but I found that string color can significantly affect string performance. For example, the Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 feels nice and plush in red, but pretty stiff in black. So how about the Völkl Cyclone, one of the most popular polys out there, and my current string of choice?

The Cyclone currently comes in black, yellow, and orange. Serious players would probably choose by playing characteristics, but then there's also aesthetics, and price.

In general, the Cyclone has been considered a great half-priced alternative to the (overpriced?) Babolat RPM Blast. Between the different colors, I found that prices can differ up to about 30%. So for example, should one just buy the cheapest one?

Here's a quick comparison of playing characteristics of the available colors. Will update this post as I gather more insights...

Racquet: Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

Tension: 23/22 kgs (~51 / 49 lbs) via a Wise Tension Head, constant pull

Gauge: 1.25mm, which has always been my top choice.

Black Cyclone - Surprisingly the softest of the bunch. Playing-feel-wise, it's probably the most similar to the RPM Blast, even though the Blast is much stiffer. Does not snap back as loudly as the other 2. Seemed like the most powerful too, but will have to confirm.

Yellow Cyclone - To me, the most generic feeling. The spin is there too, but nothing stood out to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing - should be a good all-around choice, and with that a safe buy.

Orange Cyclone - Most audible snapback, suggesting it's the most spin friendly. Still feels somewhat plasticky to me, maybe the least powerful. Combined, that makes it the most predictable, which is why I'll probably stick with orange for a while and buy another reel.

Price-wise, around $100 / €100 for a 200m reel seems fair. I've seen some colors offered for as low as €90. In the US, the current market price seems to be $120. That's still only half of what the RPM costs over there, however starts to creep up on other popular choices such as the Solinco Tour Bite (~ $155). So if I was Völkl I'd probably make sure to keep that gap...