A mixed batch

Tried a few more racquets I've been curious about:

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Wilson K Factor Kobra Tour
  • Actually re-demoed the Kobra Tour because I had to admit to myself that I liked it the first time around, despite the wide-body frame and its looks. But, it's very easy to play with. What's special about this frame is that it's both head-light and light in general. So I switched to it for a while for playing on not-so-great courts in San Francisco, which made the hits more enjoyable. In the first tournament I played with it though, I found that it's tougher to get the good guys in trouble with it.  That's where I started missing the weight and finesse of a player frame like a Wilson 6.1.
PowerAngle Pro
  • Not the prettiest racquet on the block, but when do you get to try a diagonally strung stick with player racquet specs? Really enjoyed this one, unfortunately the string broke after ~30 mins. Spin came easily and we definitely saw some interesting bounces on court. Frame did not feel stiff at all despite the high rating on the Tennis Warehouse page.  Took about 5 mins of getting used to, and would love to demo it again.
Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT
  • Another racquet that just feels great when you pick it up and swing it through the air.  I was a little disappointed on court though - I was hoping I could generate some power and spin despite the small head and tight string pattern, due to the head-light balance and overall weight of the racquet. So it seems more geared towards rather flat, long swings.  It does offer decent control and allows you to find good angles. If I remember correctly, I liked the predecessor a bit better. I'm still considering buying one so I can just hold it :)
Head Microgel Prestige Pro
  • Been looking at demoing this racquet for a while - specs seem great for me on paper. Head-light balance, soft frame, open string bed. And of course Prestige heritage. On court it felt nice, however I wasn't able to generate as much spin as I was hoping for, and I was neither able to go for really big shots, so this was a no-go, unfortunately.

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