String review: Tecnifibre Black Code

I was quite curious when the new Tecnifibre Black Code was announced, supposedly their softest poly yet. Plus it comes in a hexagonal cut, which theoretically puts more bite and thus spin on the ball.

I went for the 1.22mm /17L version. Straight out the box the string already felt quite soft and I found it easy to string. I also like the color on my racquet :)

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I strung the Black Code around 22kg / 48lbs, and found that to be a good compromise between feel, power, spin and control. But then I like it a bit softer than most folks, so if I was not me I would try pulling it between 22 and 25kg / 48 and 55lbs - any higher and it might just feel dead.

All in all, I really enjoyed hitting with it. I tested most Luxilons over the last year, and for me the Black Code beats them in every category, maybe except control and arm pain :) Compared to my favorite string I feel a bit more of the ball impact and generate less power, but other than that the Black Code was great. Overall, my second favorite string at the moment, post about my all-time favorite to follow!

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