High hopes for the new YouTek racquets

Looking at the specs of the new Head YouTek racquets, I was quite excited and hoping that I would finally come closer to finding the perfect frame. Head size, weight, balance, string pattern, frame width - everything looked great for the 2 new player sticks.

So when I finally got the YouTek Speed Pro (Novak's racquet) and the Head YouTek Speed MP, it was easy to be disappointed :) They both felt ok, however the Pro was good but missing something, and the Speed didn't feel like anything special to me.
For the Pro, I appreciate Head's effort of putting out a real tournament frame with head-light balance. As you can see, Head indicates its intentions with leather grip, which is experiencing a comeback on player racquets. But just as Novak said during press conferences even months after switching, the frame travels through the air nicely but is just a little bit off from swinging truly great. If Novak hasn't customized his Pro a lot, he's definitely putting in a lot of effort to get spin on the ball. And maybe too much compared to other sticks.

No big surprises for the Speed - a decent control racquet, but nothing that blew me away. Maybe the tennis shop didn't string the stick to its advantage, but it felt a bit dead to me, especially compared to some other Head racquets I've played in the past. I had the feeling that it was not worth for me to restring it and give it another go, unfortunately.

So worth trying out, but I gotta keep on searching!

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